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Plans & Pricing

Membership Fees
**This membership is not intended to replace health insurance**

Adult (Age 19-89)

$75 per month

Pediatric (0-18) With Adult

$15 per month

Pediatric (0-18) Without Adult

$30 per month

**There is a one-time enrollment fee of $60 per individual or family**

Family of 4 (2 Adult + 2 Children)

$165 per month (PLUS $15/month for each additional child)

Plans & Pricing

Non-Membership Fees

**We charge a $100 Fee for No Shows and Same-Day Cancellations**

Problem Visit pricing does NOT include cost of labs or in-office testing

**There will be a $5 surcharge for credit card payments for non-members beginning 1/1/2024**

Adult Wellness Exam

$175 per visit

Adult Problem Visit

$150 per visit

Pediatric (0-18) Wellness Exam

$75 per visit

Pediatric (0-18) Problem/Sick Visit

$60 per visit

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