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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

The easiest way to schedule an appointment is to enroll through our Plans & Pricing page. Once you are enrolled, we can get you scheduled for an office visit. You may also contact us via email or telephone.

Do I Have To Pay The Monthly Fee?

No. We have two options - a monthly membership fee and a per-visit fee. The monthly membership fee offers more perks, including unlimited office visits, free and discounted lab costs, free in-office testing/procedures and injectable medications, and after-hours access to the physician.

Are You Planning To Accept Insurance?

No. Our goal is to offer our patients more personalized healthcare. We feel that we can provide better quality care at a more affordable price by eliminating the "middle man" insurance companies.

What About Medicare Patients?

We have officially "opted out" of Medicare. This means that we cannot bill Medicare for any care that our Medicare patients receive through our clinic. Your Medicare plan should still cover any labs, imaging, prescriptions, or referrals that we order. We are ready to start seeing our Medicare patients in office at any time!

Do I Still Need To Have Health Insurance?

Our direct primary care membership is not a replacement for health insurance. It is still important to have health insurance in case of emergencies (think car insurance). There are many options for lower-cost insurance plans. We recommend looking into high-deductible plans or medical cost sharing plans.

Do You Carry Vaccines?

At this time, we do not have vaccines available due to cost. We typically recommend getting vaccines either through the local health department or a pharmacy. If you need assistance finding somewhere to get vaccines, we can help you.

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